Managing Challenging Behaviour in Care Homes

Delivery Method: Face-to-face

Course Content:

This course is aim to provide theory and practical skills in managing challenging behaviours in elderly with dementia and other health related issues. The day is compose of interactive discussion, scenario and practical demonstration of skill application.


  • Understand the common conditions in elderly that may potentially cause difficult behaviour towards staff and other residents
  • Elderly and Dementia expected behaviour and their unpredictability
  • Assess the potential and triggers for challenging behaviour
  • Prevention and avoiding unpredictable behaviour
  • Deliver the highest quality care to residents when their behaviour become a challenge
  • Types of physical aggressiveness and how to tackle them without causing harm to staff, residents and other people


  • Staff physical defence when physical challenge and aggressiveness is involved
  • Responding to physical aggressiveness when the resident
  • When to apply legal and acceptable physical restraint
  • Types and strategies for physical restraint
  • Law and legislations in physical restrains
  • Scenario and practical demonstration
  • Step out of the situation
  • Moving fast and effective
  • Locating for door and activating for help
  • Pushing your body part towards the resident
  • Pulling hands away
  • Quick moving away
  • Twisting body away from danger
  • Pull hair of the carer
  • Kick the carer in differebnt direction
  • Throw and hit with an object
  • Attack from behind and side
  • Grab shoulder and hand
  • Strangle the neck
  • Individual, partner and group activities
Group intervention for physical restraint
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