Dementia Awareness - Two Day Learning (Onsite)

Charles Bloe Training (CBT)
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

This insightful course explores the experience of people and their families who are living with dementia. Learners will be encouraged to explore care strategies to meet the needs of this patient group. The course will include experiential learning to empathize with the experience of living with dementia, case studies to link theory with practice and discussion to learn from each other’s experience. Learners will develop a clear vision about their role in caring for people with dementia and an awareness of the different support agencies.

We can adjust this face-to-face programme to suit the needs of the group and it can be complimented with a range of our online training courses.

General information:

Currently only available for group / workplace bookings

Maximum no of course participants: 25.

Course duration: 2 day

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understand what dementia is.
  • Understand key features of the theoretical models of dementia.
  • Know the most common types of dementia and their causes.
  • Be familiar with the drug treatments available to treat symptoms, or slow down the progression of, dementia.
  • Be familiar with the health and social care services available for people with dementia.
  • Know the prevention and redirection techniques to assist an individual with dementia.
  • Understand factors relating to an individual’s experience of dementia.
  • Awareness of how carers can support the physical and social needs of a person with dementia.
  • Understand the types of behaviour associated with dementia.

Course content includes:

The person and dementia:

  • What is dementia?
  • Anatomy & physiology of the brain.
  • Differential diagnosis.
  • Clinical assessment tools.
  • How the person with dementia experiences the world.
  • Experiential learning to create empathy.

Person-centred care and building meaningful relationships:

  • A medical model versus a social model.
  • Life story work.

Communication and behaviour:

  • Behaviour as communication.
  • Dealing with difficult challenges.
  • Language skills.
  • How the environment impacts on the experience of dementia.

Support for the person with dementia, family and carers:

  • Support to live and experience life as an Individual.

Health and well-being:

  • Delirium and depression how to spot and treat.
  • Nutrition and hydration.
  • Accessing healthcare.

Legal aspects and issues in relation to dementia:

  • Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Deprivation of Liberty (DOL).
  • Advanced decisions.
  • Use of medication.
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