Professional Clinical Practice for General Practice Nursing

Education for Health
Delivery Method: Blended

This course is designed for newly appointed nurses, and for nurses moving from secondary care to primary care.

This module aims to develop the specialist knowledge, skills and competencies of newly appointed GPNs by developing their underpinning knowledge base in relation to specialist clinical practice. The module will be supported by the Practice Nurse Competency Framework (RGCP 2015) and the Education and Career Framework for District Nursing and General Practice Nursing (HEE 2015) with the learning emphasis being placed on enabling the students to provide services that promote health and well-being, foster and promote self-care and deliver individualised outcomes in the person’s own home, local surgery and community.

This module will equip students with the knowledge and skills required to prepare them to deliver the range of skills required to meet competency challenges in Primary and Community Care settings.

You can take this module as:

  • as a Graduate Certificate if you already have a degree,
  • a Level 6 module if you may wish to work towards a degree, or
  • as a course without academic credits, if you want to complete the course with the competencies, but are not interested in academic accreditation.

The Graduate Certificate and Level 6 module are both validated by The Open University. The non-accredited course is a standalone qualification.

The price varies depending on the level the course is taken, and the location of study days. Courses in Warwick cost £690 for the non-accredited course, £925 for the Level 6 module or £975 for the Graduate Certificate.

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