Environmental Health Risk and Law

University of the West of England, Bristol
Delivery Method: Distance

The course is offered at Masters level.

Course content includes:

  • Environmental Health Law and Compliance:
    • European and English legal systems: sources of law, court systems and the role of the environmental health practitioner.
    • The influence of international law related to national regulatory systems.
    • The legislative process, development of environmental health laws, statutes and delegated legislation. Interpretation of statutes. Investigations, evidence gathering and determination of the most appropriate course of action.
    • The nature of governance in the UK, taking this through from the role of central government as the legislature informed by its civil service and others, discharge of responsibilities through departments of state, non-ministerial agencies and non-governmental organisations through to local government.
  • Risk Management:
    • Theories of risk and their influence on policy, regulatory practice and public understanding of health issues. Theoretical and practical developments in the field of risk management.
    • Quantitative, statistical, toxicological, epidemiological, cost benefit data; and qualitative social risk knowledge theory. Models of risk at individual, organisational and societal levels will be critically reviewed. The roles of organisations, agencies and the rights of stakeholder representation in relation to environmental health risk decision-making.
    • Evidence-based hazard assessment and health impact analysis of a range of environmental and public health issues; as well as solutions and remedial measures to remove, reduce and/or control risks.
    • Techniques and methodologies of hazard identification; inspection, audit and investigation, policy development and organisational response to environmental health hazards.
  • Role of the Environmental Health Practitioner:
    • Developing as a reflective practitioner.


Directed study totals approximately 30 hours and is delivered in the format of up to 12 online lectures (delivered with Adobe Presenter software or software of an equivalent nature), plus online seminars, formative assessments and other forms of interactive/collaborative activities utilising tools such as Blackboard Collaborate, Blogs, Wikis, quizzes and discussion boards.

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