Tissue Viability - Pressure Ulcer Prevention

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Delivery Method: Face-to-face

What's covered on the day?

This course will equip the learners with the essential knowledge and understanding relating to the formation, causes and prevention measures of Pressure Ulcers. Pressure Ulcer Formation is a quality indicator of nursing care, and avoidable pressure ulcers are one of the highest costing healthcare issues within nursing care, leading to delays in other treatments, longer stays in secondary care facilities and also life affecting for the individual who has them.


Learners will be expected to participate in learning activities throughout the course, and they will complete a knowledge assessment at the end of the course - allowing them to demonstrate their understanding of the materials throughout the day, and evidence their CPD.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the term pressure ulcers
  • Explain the stages of pressure ulcers using the EUPAP guidelines
  • State how the blanching test can establish the early signs of any skin damage and allow measures to be in place before it deteriorates
  • List the common sites of pressure ulcers
  • Recall the risk factors for pressure ulcers
  • Distinguish between pressure, shear and frictions and how these can contribute to further wound deterioration
  • Compare the tools for assessing potential risk
  • Name the other measures that can aid with wound healing and prevent further deterioration
  • Discuss the pressure relieving tools that are available for assisting in the prevention and healing of pressure ulcer

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