Epilepsy Awareness incl. Buccal Midazolam

Ashfield Services
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

What's covered on the day?

The aim of this course is to provide the learner with an the required knowledge and understanding of epilepsy along with the key information about administration of emergency medicines such as Buccal Midazolam. Allowing them to provide the essential care and support for individuals with epilepsy.


Learners will complete a knowledge assessment at the end of the course, allowing them to demonstrate their understanding of the theoretical aspect of this course. A competency document will be issued to all learners, which will be completed back in the workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Define epilepsy and the classifications of seizures
  • Recall key facts about epilepsy including the ethical and legal responsibilities
  • List the potential triggers and precipitants of seizures
  • Describe the impact of emergency or rescue medications and anti-epileptic drug therapy
  • State what Buccal Midazolam is and how it is effective in managing seizures
  • Apply the principles of first aid to scenarios and identify when to initiate an emergency care plan
  • Define what is required within risk assessments to maintain the safeguarding and dignity of the individuals
  • Simulated practice for administration of Midazolam

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