Blood Transfusion e-Learning CPD

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Delivery Method: eLearning

An introduction to blood transfusions for staff that need to understand the process of blood transfusion and real world scenarios to help support patients who have had a transfusion.

This course develops an understanding of the Blood Transfusion process for learners who are not directly involved with this process to widen their broad understanding of the subject.

Learning Outcomes

    • Name the different blood groups and describe the importance of the correct blood group
    • List different types of blood products and name at least one purpose of each type of blood product
    • Describe how someone’s blood group is determined
    • Explain why blood transfusions are sometimes clinically necessary
    • Briefly describe the risks and benefits associated with blood transfusions
    • Describe alternatives to blood transfusions
    • Briefly describe the process associated with collecting a blood sample
    • Briefly describe the concerns patients may have
    • Explain why it is important to gain the patient’s consent for a blood transfusion

    NOTE: You can download a CPD Certificate as soon as you have completed this course.
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