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West Yorkshire & Harrogate Excellence Centre
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

The Dementia Bus /Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT) gives delegates an experience of what dementia might be like by using specialist equipment and creating a simulated environment. Delegates will be expected to carry out simple tasks during the tour and will be able to empathise with challenges that people living with dementia face.

The bus can be hired by any organisation through the company that own it and provide the experience (training to care). A daily rate is approx. £1,000.
The bus is usually hired for a whole day. Throughout the day they will be able to provide 3 sessions for up to 36 people. Each session lasts approx. 2 hours and includes a briefing, virtual experience and post- experience reflective discussion for those who attend the session

To hire the Dementia Bus or for any further information regarding the Dementia Bus Tour, please visit their website via this link:

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Rebecca Day (April 2019)
It was excellent. I have worked with people who are living with dementia for 20 years and thought I knew how to empathise and support them in the best way possible. However, this experience gave a real life physical and emotional encounter which will stay with me forever! The short amount of time immersed in the virtual world of dementia gave me a glimpse into what it might be like for people experiencing dementia and will help me to empathise further with the people I work with and subsequently be more aware of what can help and hinder things in practice. The follow up debrief, discussion and knowledge given after the experience was a welcome and needed inclusion. It helped me to reflect on and to consolidate what we had had experienced and how we could use this in future practice to help improve the lives of people with dementia. Without giving too much away, the trainer, and how he conducted the session was very clever and imperative to the overall experience. I would recommend this to everyone, especially people who work within social care. It would be amazing if there was a way we could make this available to more people in the future.

As a Practice Champion I also thought that this might be a brilliant learning opportunity for student social workers. i have recommended this to our workforce development to hopefully also pass on to the Teaching Partnership
Lisa Farley (April 2019)
This was one of the most frightening and humbling things I have ever experienced. It really opened my eyes up to how someone with dementia struggles and how their families and carers do not really understand their lives.
I have spoken to work colleagues about what I learnt from this and they were astounded. Simple changes can make a massive impact on living with dementia. Dementia is our condition and it is vital that everyone should be given the opportunity to experience this and shape the future of effective and supportive management of dementia.
Lily Craig (May 2019)
I thought the Dementia Bus was a really insightful experience that allowed all of us whom work with those living with Dementia to experience just a snippet of what daily life might be like. It was eye-opening and thought-provoking and would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to learn more!
pauline newsome (May 2019)
A valid experience that highlights the difficulties & distractions that are encountered in the deteriorating stages of dementia.
Lauren Clarke (April 2019)
The Dementia Bus was a really insightful experience. Clever techniques were used to emulate the difficulties someone living with dementia may face when completing everyday tasks. It was so frustrating trying to fold towels with arthritic hands, listen to instructions when my head was full of other noises, and stack washing up when my eyesight was so poor. The session was expertly led by our host and the post-experience discussion was really informative. The host offered some really useful advice and I would recommend this session for anyone and everyone!
Pauline Binnie (April 2019)
I attended the Dementia Bus training session on the 30th April 2019 thinking that I had an empathy for people suffering from dementia, boy was I wrong! Once I found myself experiencing how a person with mid-stage dementia lives their life on a daily basis I felt humbled. When asked to do simple tasks, but with the restrictions of a person suffering from dementia, my world changed totally. The feeling of helplessness I had was overwhelming. The simple task of trying to get myself dressed in just one item of clothing was so frustrating, but such a sense of achievement when achieved felt like I had won the lottery. A fully functioning person would only be startled by a person coming up at the side of them to speak, but for a dementia sufferer this can be perceived as being under attack, and when lashing out in a self-protect mode be seen as been aggressive when it is not the case at all. I never fully appreciated how much a difference peripheral vision makes to a person, and when this is taken away your world becomes a much darker place.
I believe that going forward I will have more compassion and tolerance for anyone who is suffering from dementia as I realise that it can be a lonely and sometimes terrifying existence. I would also like to add that this experience should be offered to as many people as it possibly can be, even to the point where it should be taught in our schools and colleges. Thank you for giving me just a glimpse of how different a person’s life can be when living with dementia. I can truly say that this experience has changed my life in the way that I will treat people, environments and situations going forward.
Eileen Mallon (April 2019)
This session was excellent and very thought-provoking. A little insight into what a person with Dementia goes through on a daily basis. Everyone, whether from children to adults should be given the opportunity to experience this.

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