Bereavement Training

West Yorkshire & Harrogate Excellence Centre
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

Offered in partnership with Wheatfields Hospice (one of our member organisations), this 3 hour training session is delivered by an experienced professional who has worked with people and families who have experienced bereavement. This course pulls together theoretical understanding of grief and bereavement and links this understanding to the practical requirements front line workers need to provide direct support to patients and families with whom they are working and who are experiencing loss.


Understand the impact of death, dying and bereavement, and support bereaved people in a sensitive and flexible manner.

Be confident in discussing death and dying with people, and recognise the importance of this.

Be aware that different cultures may approach death and dying in different ways.

Understand that the experience of bereavement may be different for different individuals.

Recognise those who might be vulnerable or at risk of not managing their grief, and when onward referral is necessary.

Have an understanding of the grieving process by being aware of common bereavement theories, in order to support bereaved individuals.

Recognise own knowledge, skills, experience and limitations as well as the experience of personal loss that may impact upon the support provided.

Recognise the importance of self-care.

This course starts at 1pm and finishes around 4pm.

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