Diploma In Management and Leadership

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This Qualification is flexible enough to reflect changes in industry practices and ensure that candidates are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to be effective managers in a fast-moving environment.

This qualification helps you to progress to further studies and professional qualifications in management, leadership or related disciplines and also provides pathways to higher education programmes in Management and related subjects such as Business.

Specific aims of Diploma in Management and Leadership:
  1. Develop transferable skills including Core Skills required to meet the demands of employers and/or progression in higher education.
  2. Develop a range of operational management and leadership competences required by employers of those engaged in or aspiring to managerial positions.
  3. Enhance employment opportunities in operational management roles.
  4. Utilise personal and teamwork competences for effective self performance and the performance of the team and organisation.
  5. Apply leadership skills in a range of management activities.
  6. Respond to the environment in which the organisation operates.
  7. Enable a sound articulation route to the Diploma in Management and Leadership and further studies.
  8. Enable candidates to pursue an advanced level of management and leadership learning, knowledge acquisition and attainment of transferable skills including Core Skills.
  9. Provide suitable strategic competences for future career and personal development in the performance of managerial duties.
  10. Use strategic management and leadership skills for the long term direction of an organisation in a range of management functions.
  11. Focus, plan and implement strategic change within an organisation.

This qualification is jointly certificated by SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) and CMI (Chartered Management Institute)

Opportunities of Progression

The Diploma allows successful candidates to progress to higher education and/or professional qualifications.
Successful Diploma candidates with three years rounded management experience may be eligible for full membership of the CMI (Chartered Management Institute). CMI offers fast-track membership on the achievement of the HNC/Diploma in Management and Leadership, as well as free studying membership.

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