Developing Confidence in Presenting Information

West Yorkshire & Harrogate Excellence Centre
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

Delivered as an interactive workshop this 3 hour face-to-face session developed with health and care employers and delivered by Pitman Training, will enable participants to develop their confidence in presenting and analysing information.

is the second of two 1/2 day courses that have been developed with the aim to improve participants' skills in analysing, presenting and reporting information effectively. Whilst the first half day seminar (held on a prior date) focuses on creating information for reports and presentations, this half day session develops confidence in presenting a meaningful narrative and influencing the audience.

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Both seminars can be attended separately meaning individuals can access either of the courses to meet their identified development needs. It is anticipated that the majority of delegates will attend both sessions and that learning from the first session will be built on in this session as outlined below:

Attendees at the first session will have been provided with written guidance to enable them to write up a report and create a power-point presentation for use in this workshop.

Who is the Workshop for?

The seminar is suitable for staff and volunteers working in the health and care sector regardless of job role or organisation. If you would like to develop your skills and improve your confidence in presenting information to colleagues and or teams this seminar will provide you with useful tips, the opportunity to consider your presentation style and develop your skills so as to deliver a meaningful narrative to influence audiences.

Course Objectives

This course will enable participants to:

  • Assess the needs of different audiences and consider colleagues that they might need to present information or write reports for /to
  • Consider what is most likely to influence their colleagues thinking or grab their attention
  • Assess pre-prepared reports/powerpoints so as ensure the delivery of a meaningful narrative
  • Develop their confidence in presenting data and information to teams e.g. at a meeting

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Elmbank Training Centre Wakefield (YAS):

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