Promoting Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

Bespoke Consultancy & Education Ltd
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

This 3 hour safeguarding vulnerable adults course will provide the Learner with the knowledge and understanding how to contribute to safeguarding and the protection of vulnerable at risk of harm or abuse.

The course & learning outcomes will cover:

  • Safeguarding, identifying the signs and contributing factors.
  • Current Legislation.
  • Mental Capacity Act.
  • Deprivation of Liberty.
  • Safe Practice and lessons learnt.
  • Supporting Organisations.

The Learner will develop the knowledge and understanding to safeguard and protect vulnerable adults at risk of harm and abuse in the workplace as well as how to recognise the signs and symptoms and respond to evidence or concerns of a vulnerable adults at risk of abuse.

Dates available on arrangement

Bespoke Consultancy & Education Ltd can also create this course for you on arrangement either at your workplace or at one of their locations.

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