TAP Certificate in Facilitation


This course provides delegates with the skills to facilitate events such as focus groups, workshops, action learning sets, team meetings, briefings, business improvement meetings etc.

Delegates will learn how to open and close an event using subtle language patterns, which will help to build rapport with a group and to influence a positive outcome. They will learn a variety of facilitation methods and processes which can be used as appropriate to the outcome required.

Delegates will explore resistance to change and a range of challenging behaviours; the course focuses on strategies to manage these behaviours within the group or on a one-to-one basis.

Delegates will find out how Action Learning Sets work in practice and will have the opportunity to participate as a member of a set.

Benefits to the delegate

 Learn how to plan and facilitate an event, structured with a clear beginning, middle and end

 Learn skills to create an enjoyable and effective event that influences a positive outcome

 Experience and select a variety of methods and processes to reach the required outcome

 Understand reasons that drive challenging behaviour and learn strategies to adjust behaviour

 Learn in a size-restricted group of up to six delegates

 Gain a qualification in facilitation to professionalise your role

Benefits to the organisation

 A qualified facilitator who can empower a group to reach optimal outcomes

 Enables a positive climate for group events that draws out individual contributions from all and prevents groupthink

 Ensures that challenging behaviours are managed effectively, avoiding disruption and keeping group events on track

Who is it for?

Suitable for anyone who needs to facilitate the gathering of opinions, making a decision, developing a solution, gauging reactions to a proposition, securing a consensus, debating a complex matter or developing ideas.

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