Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) 3 Day

The Health and Safety Group Ltd
Delivery Method: Face-to-face
  • This 3-day course in the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) has been
    certified by Bild ACT as fully aligned to the RRN Training Standards.

Theory Elearning

  • Legislation, Legal Frameworks + Ethical Considerations
  • Legal Responsibilities + Reasonable Force
  • Mental Capacity + Mental Health
  • Reflective Feedback Questions

Day 1

  • Re-cap on Reflective Feedback Questions + Group Discussion
  • Challenging Behaviour, Behaviours of Concern
  • Root Causes of Distress
  • Creating a Supportive Culture
  • Health, Therapeutic Relationships + Person Centred Care
  • Populations and Locations
  • Dynamic Risk Assessments
  • Stages of the Assault Cycle
  • Situational Awareness
  • Identifying, Managing + Reflecting on Triggers
  • Listening + Communication Skills (communication models)
  • Indicators of Confrontational Behaviour

Day 2

  • Risks Associated with Restraint
  • Verbal + Non-Verbal De-escalation Techniques
  • Disengagement techniques:

    • Wrist Grabs
    • Body Grabs
    • Hair/Clothing Grabs + Strangulation
    • Avoiding Punches and Kicking

Instruction + practice of:

Friendly Come Along - Non-Contact and stage one, two and figure of four

  • Higher level safe holds:

        o Forearm hold
        o Thumb on palm hold
        o Clenched fist hold
        o Finger and thumb (escape and rescue)

  • Team approaches:  
        o Upper arm wrap
        o Upper arm wrap to secure hold
        o Upper arm wrap to supine hold (ready to decent to floor)

Day 3

Instruction + practice of: -

  • Supine Descent

       o Descent to floor in upper arm wrap
       o Upper arm wrap to elevated rest and return
       o Trouble drills (sniper position)
       o Securing legs in supine
       o Elevated rest to standing

  • Seated de-escalation

       o Descent to chair
       o Trouble drills

  • Unexpected and/or unintentional controlled decent to the floor
    where the aggressor dictates or initialises the downward movement

       o Descent
       o Upper rest to lower rest and return
       o De-escalation on floor
       o Legs in Prone
       o Turning Prone to Supine
       o Standing from Prone

  • Seclusion Options

       o Using Safety Pod

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