Vocational Rehabilitation Following Stroke

West Yorkshire & Harrogate Excellence Centre
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

This 2-hour session can be accessed at no cost and has been developed through consultation with staff working in stroke services across West Yorkshire and Harrogate, and is suitable for staff of all grades working in stroke services, particularly those working in rehabilitation settings.

The sessions will be delivered by Hannah Bright and Kirsty Sykes, Occupational Therapists from the Community Rehabilitation Team at Locala Community Partnership CIC .

Aims and Objectives

To inform people what Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is and educate people on its importance following stroke. Looking at ways of carrying out VR and tools that can be used, provide information about resources and third party providers which may be able to assist with the delivery VR.

Indicative content of the masterclass

Presentation introducing Vocational Rehabilitation and it’s context within Stroke Rehabilitation Workshop with facilitated discussion about a case study.

VR presentation.pptx

AHP Health and Work report.pdf

Additional information of interest:

  • Find out more about the work of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Stroke Programme by clicking here.

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