Caring for someone with a PEG tube - Feeding and Giving Medicines

West Yorkshire & Harrogate Excellence Centre
Delivery Method: Resources

How to administer a Pump Feed

Giving Medicines via a tube

The training videos above can be accessed free of charge by clicking on the titles above. They have been developed by Clinical Educators at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and provide a visual, step by step instruction on the best practice procedures, along with useful tips.

Who are the videos for ?

The videos have been developed:

  • To support skills development and clinical practices of care professionals who are required to administer medicines and set up PEG feeds through infusion pumps for patients and service users. It provides a learning tool for staff to gain knowledge and confidence and to reflect on and improve their practice.
  • To provide guidance and confidence for carers and family members who provide care for their relative.

The Films have been developed in Leeds; as a result the equipment and pump used may differ from that used in other locations.

Please note that watching these films will not provide evidence of competency for health and care staff. Staff undertaking these tasks will need to be signed off as competent by a registered practitioner/their supervisor before carrying out these procedures. Carers and family members should not be expected to undertake these tasks unless they are confident and have received instruction and support from healthcare professionals.

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