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Free resources for those working with dementia to all those who work in health and care.

Dementia E-Learning

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) e-Dementia e-learning programme.

Designed in partnership with the University of Bradford this freely accessible learning e programme about dementia care has been recently re-designed to enhance the training and education of the health and care workforce in line with the Dementia Training Standards Framework. It focuses on the essential knowledge and skills needed to support and enable people living with dementia and their family carers to live as well as possible, wherever they live.

Who is it for?

e-Dementia will appeal to a wide range of health and social care workers and staff where it can provide self-paced learning and as a form of refresher training. It will also be of interest to those responsible for training and educating the health and care workforce where it could be used as part of induction and to structure reflective practice with individual staff and teams.

Users can dip into sections or undertake the whole programme.

New sessions added:

As part of the e-Dementia update, 14 new sessions have been added (12 sessions have been retired from the programme).

For information on the updated e learning for health dementia programme

Content of the e learning

Module 1 - Introduction to Living with Dementia

This module provides an introduction to living with dementia. The sessions explore the various types of dementia, influences on living with dementia plus draws on key principles in person-centred dementia care. It contains two e-learning sessions:

  • Dementia Awareness
  • Person-centred dementia care

Module 2 - Enabling People to Live Well with Dementia

This module describes how the health and social care workforce can enable people to live well with dementia, covering a range of topics across a range of settings, in the context of diverse communities and current legislation. It contains 12 e-learning sessions:

    • Dementia identification, assessment and diagnosis
    • Dementia risk, reduction and prevention
    • Communication, interaction and behaviour in dementia care
    • Health and well-being in dementia care
    • Pharmacological interventions in dementia care
    • Living well with dementia and promoting independence
    • Families and carers as partners in dementia care
    • Equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care
    • Law, ethics and safeguarding in dementia care
    • End of life dementia care
    • Research and evidence-based practice in dementia
    • Leadership in transforming dementia care

To Access to the Programme click here:

N.B. The e-learning is available via the e-LfH Hub, the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and via AICC links.

Additional information about HEE’s dementia education and training programme can be found at

Dementia Resources

Access to the Resources

All the resources listed below are available free of charge to all health and care organisations and can be accessed from the HEE website in the relevant sections. Click here:

1. Finding Patience and Finding Patience the Later Years

The "Finding Patience" and "Finding Patience – The Later Years" resources have been developed in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University. Available for download and free of charge; the resources are designed to help health and social care staff develop their understanding of dementia and enable the delivery of high quality, person centred care. As well as providing an easily accessible training solution for health and care organisations, the resources can support delivery of all of the requisite learning outcomes for Tier 1 dementia awareness training and a number of the tier 2 learning outcomes of the Dementia Training Standards Framework.

"Finding Patience" Finding Patience

This Film resource opens the door for health and care professionals to start talking about cultural sensitivities and aims to encourage health and care professionals to break down barriers in order to reach people who may otherwise go undiagnosed or struggle in isolation to provide care within family units. It is also a resource for the African Caribbean community to help raise awareness and reduce some of the stigma surrounding dementia and encourage those who may have concerns about either themselves or a family member to seek early support.

Finding Patience – The Later Years"

Finding Patience – The Later Years Film set in a care home raises awareness of how dementia can affect people differently what makes good person-centred dementia care. It encourages health and care professionals to focus on the individual and not the disease.

The new resources include two handbooks designed to help facilitators use the Films and Workbooks for delegates to use at training sessions.

2. "Fred's Story"

This resource highlights unsafe mobility for people with dementia who may leave their place of care and helps to raise awareness of the issues faced by a person with dementia who may wander from their care setting including their own home.

The resource is aimed at healthcare professionals, emergency services, carers and health and social care staff includes 2 films, an associated workbook and teaching slides.

All the materials provide reflective learning on wandering (also recognised as walking) as behaviour that can become a risk for those with dementia both pre and post formal diagnosis. We become more aware about how it feels to be a person with dementia, and how vital it is to get professionals and relatives on board to help the person with dementia cope.

It raises reflective learning to improve caring, compassion and good communication should the person become a Missing Person and the appropriate actions of emergency services, health professionals and families.

3. "The Appointment"

A film aimed at dental professionals but also suitable for health and social care staff and carers. This film raises awareness of the issues faced by a person with dementia, when attending dental appointment.

Access to the Resources

All the resources can be accessed from the HEE website in the relevant sections. Click here: and are available free of charge to all health and care organisations

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