Mandatory Courses for Nursing, Residential, Hospital, Health & Social Care Care Settings – CSTF UK and CPD Accredited (Bundles)

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The Skills for Health CSTF Aligned Mandatory, Statutory & Accredited CPD training courses for Nursing, Residential Settings and Other Healthcare Professionals has comprehensive modules that cover the necessary depth and level of understanding required to ensure mandatory compliance with NHS standards and national guidelines.

This course is CSTF Verified and accredited by the CPD Standard and can be used as an evidence to update your CPD.


The CSTF Verified and Accredited CPD Courses for Nursing and Residential Settings and Other Healthcare Professionals package includes:

  • Health, Safety & Welfare - CSTF Verified & CPD Accredited
  • Moving and Handling - Level 1 - CSTF Verified & CPD Accredited
  • Safeguarding Adults – Level 1 - CSTF Verified & CPD Accredited
  • Safeguarding Children – Level 1 - CSTF Verified & CPD Accredited
  • Infection Prevention and Control – Level 1 - CSTF Verified & CPD Accredited
  • Fire Safety – CSTF Verified & CPD Accredited
  • Data Protection – GDPR -CPD Accredited
  • Basic Life Support- CPD Accredited
  • Catheterisation – CPD Accredited
  • Care Planning and Record Keeping - CPD Accredited
  • Dementia-Intervention for Cognitive & Non-Cognitive - CPD Accredited
  • Diabetes Awareness - CPD Accredited
  • Drug Calculations - CPD Accredited
  • End of Life-Advanced Care Planning - CPD Accredited
  • Epilepsy Awareness - CPD Accredited
  • Tissue Viability- Assessment & Treatment of Wounds - CPD Accredited
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention (Acute and Community setting)- CPD Accredited
  • Medication Management - CPD Accredited
  • Stroke Awareness - CPD Accredited

Duration: Flexible


Upon completion of each module you will be required to complete an online assessment. If you pass the assessment the system will automatically allow you to print or save a copy of your accredited certificate. If you fail you will be allowed to resit the exams again

About Us and Our Accredited Online Courses

Dita Consulting is one of the leading providers of CSTF Verified and accredited online courses. We have over 100 accredited online courses in all fields. If you can't find out what you are looking for just email us with your request and we will be more than happy to assist you.

The online nature of the courses means that they are reasonably priced compared to classroom learning but this doesn't compromise on the quality and standards of our accredited courses. You have 12 months upon signing in on a course to complete it. Our accredited online courses are accessible to everyone.

We have a dedicated and experienced customer service support that is always available to provide you with support via email or online or telephone which you can find on our website.

Our accredited online course has a test upon completion and is in the form of multiple choice. You can retake the test at no extra cost if you fail for the first time or if you want to get a good score or grade at any time.

The course content can be viewed after the test and where you failed you can revise and sit for the test again. There are downloadable documentation on each course to support you through the learning process. Upon completion you can print out your own certificate if you require hard copy certificate we can send that to you at an extra cost of £5 each for each certificate.

You are able to access our accredited courses on any mobile platform such as desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone device

If you are looking for credible and accredited online courses for yourself, for your staffs or for your organisation, look no further than our online courses and we are more than happy to assist and serve you.

Who is this course for?



Other Healthcare Professionals


Access to computer with internet access

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