Autism Awareness webinar

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Delivery Method: Virtual

Autism, along with other neurodivergent conditions, can often be misunderstood by society as well as health/social care and educational professionals. In addition, it isn't uncommon for autistic people and their families to misunderstand autism either. 

This interactive course will provide an overview of what autism is and how living with autism impacts day-to-day life. It will also help you challenge common misunderstandings and provide you with simple strategies to support autistic people.

Course contents include:

  • Overview of what autism is/isn't
  • Exploring the negative impact of sensory overload and what can be done to reduce its impact on autistic people
  • Exploring behaviours that challenge in relation to autism
  • Exploring what health, social care, the education system and others can do to support autistic people

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course the candidates should be able to:

  • Define what autism is
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of autism for the individual as well as any family members
  • Identify possible reasons for behaviours which may be challenging
  • Identify strategies to support autistic people

This course is delivered in partnership with ARMS Rehab Limited. Mike is a highly experienced occupational therapist and trainer. He qualified as an occupational therapist in 1991 and has been a trainer since 2006, delivering training directly to the social and health sectors. Mike's training is fun, practical and relevant and he is highly respected within his field. 

Target audience: This course is suitable for health, social care and education professionals; parents and people with autism (reasonable adjustments will be made throughout the course) and anyone else who wants to gain more knowledge about autism.

Time: 3 hours

When: 18th October 2022 and 25th November 2022 | 09:30 – 12:30

Standard Cost: £69.50 + VAT per person includes access to our online Autism Awareness course.

Early Bird Cost: 10% off

Platform: Zoom

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