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Childhood Immunisations


Vaccination rates are falling leaving many children without immunity against deadly or life-changing diseases.1 Coverage has declined in nine of 12 vaccinations routinely given to children in England.1 The reasons for this decline are multi-factorial and include parental concerns about the health risks of vaccination.1

Healthcare professionals have a central role in maintaining public trust in vaccination. Good communication is vital in successfully
addressing parental concerns.


After studying this module you should:

  • Be familiar with the current UK immunisation schedule for babies up to one year of age.
  • Understand when a vaccine is contraindicated or should be postponed.
  • Be able to discuss concerns about vaccines with parents.


  • Complete the online assessment
  • Receive your CPD certificate on childhood immunisations


Written by Tara Ralph BSc (Hons)
Reviewed by Simon Carvell MB ChB, MRCCP and Pauline MacDonald ARRC, SRN, BSc (Hons), MSc, FRSPH
With thanks to Anne Watkins

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