Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness

Skills for Health
Delivery Method: eLearning

Skills for Health has developed this awareness course for those working in the public sector, particularly key workers, to learn about COVID-19 (Coronavirus), symptoms, infection prevention, investigation, guidance and support. As the Sector Skills Council for Health, we believe in supporting the sector in any way we can, as such this course has two options available, either a FREE version or a certificated version for a small charge. See below for more details.


Please note, we provide two options for accessing this course:

  • A FREE version which DOES NOT provide learners with a certificate/proof of completing the learning. This can be accessed here
  • A paid-for version which DOES provide a (downloadable) certificate/proof of your training, with a small nominal fee of £2.00. This can be accessed by clicking the red 'Book Now' button.

As a charity, we must be mindful to cover our operational costs, so that we can continue to support the UK’s health and social care sector.

With this in mind, we charge a small operational fee of £2.00 for the paid for version of this course, which entitles you to a certificate, as proof of completion of the course.

This small fee ensures we can continue to update the course in line with new guidance and provide a tailored certificate to you and/or your staff once they have completed the course.

If you do not require a certificate, click here to access the free version


All guidance included in this course has been taken from the Coronavirus guidance for health professionals on The course has been developed for all staff with an emphasis on those working in hospitals, ambulance trusts, care homes and the primary care sector.

In addition to completing this module, learners should read the COVID_19 guidance for infection prevention and control in healthcare settings.

Finally, we advise learners who work in the health sector to complete the Skills for Health Infection Prevention and Control e-learning.

Course Content
  • Introduction
  • What is COVID-19?
  • General COVID-19 Guidance
  • Case Definitions and Care Pathways
  • Infection Prevention
  • Respiratory and Hand Hygiene
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Cleaning and Decontamination
  • Patient Placement and Assessment for Infection Risk (Screening/Triaging)
  • Stepdown of Infection Control Precautions and Discharging
  • Continuing to Deliver Care Services
  • Summary

*Course updated 03/02/2021

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at all health, social care and key workers.

Accreditations & Endorsements

This course has been developed with the support of Department of Health and Public Health England. It has most recently been developed with EPDC (Educational Development Committee) on behalf of the IPS (Infection Prevention Society).


2 hours approx


Click 'book now' below then follow the checkout process. On receipt of your order, the e-learning team will be in touch to arrange access, please allow 24 hours. Learners can access and re-visit the course for a year.

FAQ & Guidance

Our FAQ should answer most of your questions, but please do get in touch if you're still not clear about anything.

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Karen Tregaskis (October 2020)
Really informative and well constructed
Mollie Hadfield (September 2020)
Very helpful course
Nabin Thapa (August 2020)
Diane Shawe (August 2020)
Easy to work through. A Good overview of what we need to be aware of
Michael Lindsay (July 2020)
Good common sense
Karen Littler (June 2020)
Excellent overview but with pertinent specific guidance. The links to current guidance, posters, and videos were very informative. I am a physiotherapist, and found it very useful.
Sharon Taylor (June 2020)
Some good information for me but not too much content for my specific industry
Anne Troman (June 2020)
I found the course very informative and the information was detailed and comprehensive - such a lot of information to take in but so necessary in these unprecedented times.
Marijke Vogel (June 2020)
Very useful and informative
GARRY COLE (May 2020)
Very useful reading and reminders of what needs to be done do protect ourselves and patients. Stopping the spread of this virus and eliminating covid-19, is the most pressing task worldwide healthcare agencies face.
Martina Hundric (May 2020)
Janith Westbrook (May 2020)
It is very interesting to read the module plus my own experience as a covid-19 positive put into practice.
Anna Grzeskowiak (May 2020)
Good training. A lot of information
Milabel Tubis (May 2020)
I read the modules and understand it fully reference to covid -19 and understand fully the used of full PPE and the used of it. The duration it can be worn full with reference to contaminated wards. The used of hand sanitizer and the correct used of social distancing wherever possible. The disregarding of PPE in the correct manner and constant hand washing.
Jakub Hajduk (May 2020)

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