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Perinatal mental illness is a major public health issue that can have devastating effects on women and their families. Around 50% of all cases of perinatal depression and anxiety go undetected, with many mothers feeling unable to ask for help. This module is an introduction to perinatal mental health problems, with practical guidance on improving detection and referring women to the most appropriate support.LEARNING OBJECTIVES

After studying this module you should:

  • Have an understanding of perinatal mental health problems and their effects on mum and baby
  • Be aware of the risk factors for perinatal mental illness
  • Know when to refer women for specialist or emergency assessment


  • Read the clinical review: if you don't have a printed version, click here to download a pdf
  • Complete the online assessment
  • Receive CPD certificate


Written by: Tara Ralph BSc (Hons)
Reviewed by: Nicky Clark RM, RGN, ADM, Cert Ed (Adults), MA, SFHEA

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