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Pregnancy planning and care CPD

What advice should you give a couple who are trying to conceive? This module presents current recommendations for maximising the likelihood of achieving a natural conception, and provides additional preconception advice for couples who want to become parents.


After studying this module you should:

  • Know and understand the latest guidelines aimed at helping couples to conceive naturally
  • Understand the difficulties that a couple might face when trying to conceive
  • Be able to advise and support couples who are trying to conceive.


  • Read the clinical review
  • Complete the online assessment
  • Receive CPD certificate


Written by: Diane Lace BSc (Hons), PhD
Reviewed by: Nicky Clark RM, RGN, ADM, CertEd (adults), MA, SFHEA


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This learning module can be used towards CPD for revalidation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

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Feda ALhattab (May 2022)

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