Autism Awareness - e-learning

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Course Aims

The likelihood of working with someone with autism has increased over recent years as years. This course will examine what autism is, looking at how it is a spectrum condition and what this actually means, as well as considering a brief history of autism and how our understanding of the condition has developed.

The course explores the genetic, environmental and physiological causes of autism, as well as identifying possible signs and symptoms of autism, including the Triad of Impairments, and the diagnostic process involved. It also considers how professionals can effective supporting people with autism and help improve the outcomes for people on the autistic spectrum, and outlines the legislative framework which plays a factor in the lives of some people with autism.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the autism spectrum
  • Understanding the causes, symptoms and diagnosis
  • Understand the autism triad of impairments
  • Understand how best to plan and provide support for individuals with autism
  • Understand the legal duties, responsibilities and legislation that governs the fair treatment of people with autism
  • Understand the different communication approaches within the autism spectrum conditions.

Expected learning time

2 hour 30 minutes

About this course

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This course links to: DC2A L2 Diploma in Care, DAC3A L3 Diploma in Adult Care, DAC4A L4 Diploma in Adult Care.

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