Venepuncture – 9 December 2020 Bundle (includes online course and competency framework)

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Delivery Method: Blended

*Early Bird Offer Until 30 November 2020*

This interactive webinar, delivered by a specialist nurse trainer, provides you with the knowledge and overview of skills required to perform venepuncture (also called ‘phlebotomy’ or ‘taking blood). Our trainer will also talk you through practical demonstration(s) and there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

You will also receive:

It is suitable for nurses and other healthcare staff whose role involves venepuncture.

**Early Bird Offers until November 30 2020**

Target audience: This course is suitable for all staff who work within a health and social care setting and whose role involves venepuncture.

  • Time: 3 hours
  • When: 9 Dec 1300 to1600
  • Platform: Zoom

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understand the legal and professional issues.
  • Understand venous anatomy and suitability of vessels for both venepuncture.
  • Vein selection criteria.
  • Awareness of available equipment: vacuumed systems, ‘butterflies’.
  • Demonstration of safe and competent procedure.
  • Understand the common complications, e.g. haematoma, extravasation, needlestick injury etc.
  • Awareness of practical steps to minimise risks to the patient and member of staff.

Course content includes:

  • Overview of professional aspects of venepuncture.
  • Overview of the venous anatomy of the human arm and leg and criteria for vein selection.
  • Equipment available – review of the common blood sampling / cannulation devices and safety devices available.
  • Practical techniques (trainer demonstration) using the most up-to-date training manikins available.
  • Complications of venepuncture and cannulation.
  • Documentation and ongoing assessment of devices.
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