Essentials of Clinical Haematology for Nurses and AHPs

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Delivery Method: Face-to-face

Course Content

Haemopoiesis: Physiology and Pathology

Diagnosis and Management of red cell disorders

Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Macrocytic Anaemia

Genetic disorders of haemoglobin: sickle cell anaemia, thalassaemias

Clinical assessment

Laboratory assessment

Haematological emergencies and management

Blood Transfusion

  • Blood group serology
  • Red cell antigens and antibodies
  • Understanding group and screen process (Laboratory process)
  • Different blood components, storage and indications for use
  • Types of transfusion reactions and their management
  • Haemovigilance

Aims and Outcomes

To provide in depth knowledge about the pathology and pathophysiology of haematological disorders

To read and evaluate laboratory values from routine blood examination and be able to differentiate between pathologies.

To be able to make differential diagnosis based on clinical examination and laboratory values.

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