Resilience Through COVID - 90 Minute Distance-learning Course

Whitaker Training - Mental Health
Delivery Method: Distance

90 Mins

This short course is excellent for those who want to learn more about how they are affected by stress & anxiety, and how to stay resilient throughout COVID-19 and beyond. It is also extremely beneficial for anyone who has to look after others during these times.

In this online Interactive Workshop we look at the following:

- COVID-19 Facts & Figures. How do they relate to us and how much should we really be focussing at them?

- What is mental health? How has it changed during COVID? What have we learnt about our mental health during this time?

- Anxiety & Stress. These are both very personal things and look different to every one of us. We delve into how they affect us and what we do to keep on top of them.

- Our helpful and unhelpful coping mechanisms. What do we do that helps us, and what doesn't hep us? How can we be mindful in whatever we're doing and cope in a healthy way?

- Moving forward & self-care. We also look at how to help others such as family and friends during this time.

- Further help if needed. Where can we go for further help, including many signposting options for those who may need them.

Following this course, you will receive a Whitaker Training certificate of attendance.

Dates available on arrangement

Whitaker Training - Mental Health can also create this course for you on arrangement either at your workplace or at one of their locations.

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Vix Davies (August 2020)
I attended the training for Resilience Through Covid with George this morning and I would recommend it to everyone. George was friendly and welcoming, as were the others on the training with us. It was informative for not only helping my own resilience and mental health but also how to offer help to others in different ways in which I have never thought of before. It was relaxed but effective and eye-opening to how to support yourself and also the people around you. Really helpful tools shared and one of the best mental health training sessions I have attended. Thank you!
Molly Hughes (September 2020)
I attended the ‘resilience through Covid’ course after seeing it advertised online. I work as a Nurse Sister and the past few months have been some of the most challenging of my career so far. George’s delivery of the course was perfect and not only consisted of up to date and relevant information, but also individual experiences. George acted as a great listener while the group shared personal experiences - this was particularly useful for myself as it gave me chance to reflect on the challenges we have all experienced this year. We discussed coping mechanisms and George shared tips on how to remain positive. It was an informative, personal session filled with relevant information (and even a bit of lighthearted humour, when appropriate!). I will definitely be attending the next course and sharing it with my team at work! Thank you!
Gillian Langford (August 2020)
A Brilliant Course, Resilience Through COVID. Very relevant as it didn’t just highlight some of the issues I’ve been experiencing as a nurse over the past few months, but what I can do to help myself and others to overcome them. Great group discussion and a really enjoyable session. Thanks George!

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