Asbestos Awareness Category A

The National Training Academy
Delivery Method: eLearning

Asbestos is a hazardous substance. Every year over 5,000 people die from asbestos related diseases, such as lung cancer. Anyone likely to disturb or damage asbestos containing materials must be aware of the dangers and know what procedures to follow.

Our (category A) Asbestos Awareness online training will help you to understand where asbestos can be found, the risks associated with it and how to reduce the risk of asbestos fibres being released. If you plan to carry out work which will knowingly disturb or damage asbestos, you will require a higher level of training (category B or C).

This Asbestos Category A online training course focuses on:

  • What is asbestos and where it can be found
  • Why it was used and then banned
  • Asbestos related diseases and ill health effects
  • Legislation and responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Risk assessments; risk reduction, controlling exposure
  • Friability
  • Emergency procedures


1.Asbestos – the basics

2.Legislation and responsibilities

3.How to complete a risk assessment

4.Asbestos and risk reduction measures

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

All of our courses are certified. This is done by the CPD certification Service. They have been inspected by an independent assessor and meet national standards.

Learning Outcome:

  1. Understand the need to treat asbestos containing materials as a hazardous substance.
  2. Understand the responsibilities of employers and employees in relation to health and safety
  3. Understand how to read a risk assessment.
  4. Understand the risks of asbestos containing materials and risk reduction.
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