Chairperson Skills in an Organisation

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The chairperson is a figurehead for the organisation and has a key role on any Management Committee.

The Chairperson must ensure that the Management Committee functions properly. This includes full participation during meetings, all relevant matters are discussed and that decisions are made and carried out.


1.Strategic and operational roles

2.Effective skills for the chairperson

3. Organising and facilitating meetings

4. Barriers to decision making

5. The leadership role of chairperson

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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Learning Outcome:

1. Understand the strategic and operational roles and responsibilities of a chair of an organisation.

2. Understand the skills needed to be a chair of an organisation.

3. Understand how to organise and facilitate meetings.

4. Understand the role of the chair in facilitating decision making.

5. Understand the leadership role of the chair.

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