History of Social Housing Scotland

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From Lloyd George's promise of ‘homes fit for heroes’ to Margaret Thatcher's dream of a ‘property-owning democracy,’ housing has been at the centre of British politics for more than a century.

More recently Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) have played a larger role in providing and managing housing. Consequently council and RSL housing is collectively known as ‘social housing’.

To know where you are going you need to understand where you have come from.

This History of social housing course focuses on

  • Housing for the poor, heroes and heroines
  • Housing conditions and housing available
  • The timeline of changes and key stages
  • Current drivers for further change
  • Current structures in social housing.


1.How history shapes the future part 1

  • How history shapes the future part 2

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Learning Outcome:

  1. Understand the history of social housing and how this shapes the social housing industry today.
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