Humber, Coast and Vale Workforce Consortium/Skills for Care I Care Ambassadors Launch - 8 June 2021 10am to 12pm

Humber & North Yorkshire Health and Social Care Workforce Consortium
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Join us for the launch of the HCV Health and Social Care Ambassador Scheme on 8 June 2021 10am until noon.

Across Humber, Coast and Vale (HCV) Health and Social Care partners are working together to promote Health and Social Care as a career of choice. To maximise the reach and impact of employer engagement, a HCV Health and Social Care Ambassador Scheme, in partnership with Skills for Care and their I Care Ambassador scheme, has been developed.

Why be a part of the Ambassador Scheme?

Benefits of being part of the scheme

Employers who work with schools and colleges are investing in their communities, their staff and also improving employee satisfaction at the same time. They can help build awareness of jobs in Health and Social Care amongst a diverse range of young people, creating new routes for recruitment.

Employees who decide to be ambassadors can make a difference to young people, which in turn can be a great source of personal and professional satisfaction and motivation, whilst developing workplace skills such as planning and communication which can support development and retention.

Schools/Colleges/Careers Advisers – Young people enjoy learning when it involves employers. They value their expertise and are exposed to careers they may never have considered. Engaging with young people through schemes such as an Ambassador Scheme can help them become more confident and better prepared for the world of work.

The Ambassador Scheme can provide access to employers and their staff who will share their experiences of working in a variety Health and Social Care roles.

The scheme will be coordinated by The Humber Coast and Vale Workforce Consortium Programme Team. Employers and Schools, Colleges or Career Advisers who wish to use the service can complete a simple form to register or begin a search for an Ambassador and the Consortium Programme Team will do the rest!

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