The Gold Standards Framework - Care Homes Training Programme

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Delivery Method: Face-to-face

The GSF Care Homes Training programme is the most widely used training programme for all care homes in the UK, supporting all elderly residents as they near the end of their lives. Since 2004, over 2300 care homes have been trained, with up to 200 a year accredited.  After a decade of successful delivery we are announcing new flexible ways of learning.


  • It is the leading and most successful quality improvement programme in the UK, with over 2,300 care homes trained (25% of all UK Registered nursing homes)
  • It leads to the well-recognised GSF Accreditation Quality Hallmark Award
  • The Accredited care homes are a hallmark of excellence in the area, recognised by CQC, by NHS Choices, by commissioners, and by other indications of quality provision
  • The data base of care homes is available to the general public and families often seek a GSF care home for their relative
  • Long term sustainability of the programme has been demonstrated, in that over 150 care homes are now reaccredited 3 years on
  • It focuses on organisational and systems change within the home, and leads to quality assurance and recognition through a rigorous accreditation process


  • New flexible ways of learning including:-

1. The Premium Gold Programme - The original full training programme with 6 interactive workshops, plus added support of the filmed programme for easier cascade of training within the home.

2. Foundation Level – Silver - GSF principles for care homes who are not ready for the full programme but wish to make a start. 

3. GSF Basics —Bronze  - Intensive GSF–in-a-day work-shops or awareness raising events for all homes in an area.

4. Blended Learning – Gold - With the newly filmed GSF Care Homes training programme we are offering a ‘blended learning’ approach to include interactive workshops and in-house sessions, offering a flexible and cost effective training package (whole area commissioned groups only).

5. Refreshers - Other combinations including the filmed programme as a refresher for previously trained care homes.

See our GSF Care Homes Information leaflet for more information on the different ways of learning and the achievements of the Care Homes training programme over the past decade of delivery. 

  • There are opportunities to join the programme at a variety of venues across the country. We offer an 'Open' Programme and are commissioned for specific local projects. 

What GSF improves? 

Better quality of care, proactive planning, working with GPs, staff morale, more advance care planning and reduced (usually halved) hospital deaths.

“It’s been life changing for us, improving all aspects of care not just towards the end of life” Manager GSF care home


“We were so impressed with the standard of care our mum received and the way in which GSF was implemented in the home“ letter to GSF Accredited care home from relative

The Care Home Training Programme is strongly experiential and peer supported, using many real life examples from homes. We build on the belief that staff have a special relationship with their residents and aspire to the best, and we wish to affirm and encourage them, building confidence and ability to provide excellence in care. Although collaboration with specialists, GPs and others is important, this is about the way a care home team itself functions and how the ‘Gold Standards’ thinking runs through the whole home. 

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