CSTF Resuscitation Paediatric Levels 1 2 & 3

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This course is for any clinical or non-clinical staff working directly, or indirectly with children (ages 1 year – puberty).


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: -

  • Recognise the signs of clinical deterioration in children
  • Initiate an appropriate emergency response, including management of choking and the use of the recovery position, in accordance with current Resuscitation Council UK guidelines
  • Initiate and maintain effective chest compressions in accordance with current Resuscitation Council UK guidelines
  • Understand your individual responsibilities in reporting and recording details of an emergency event accurately
  • Explain what DNACPR is and its importance
  • Recognise the seriously ill child and initiate appropriate interventions to prevent cardio-respiratory arrest
  • Understand and be able to apply the ABCDE approach
  • Know how to manage and co-ordinate roles and responsibilities within the team in responding to emergency situations until the arrival of a resuscitation team or more experienced assistance
  • Participate as a member of the resuscitation team

Course content

  • Paediatric Arrests
  • Causes of Arrests
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Signs of Deterioration
  • Choking
  • DRAB
  • CPR
  • Defibrillation
  • The ABCDE Approach
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) Overview
  • Immediate Post Cardiac Arrest Treatment
  • Blood Glucose and Fluids
  • Parental Presence
  • Complications
  • Video of Child and Infant Resuscitation

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