Forced Marriage Awareness Course REDUCED BY 30%!

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Delivery Method: eLearning

Some people may be pressured into a marriage they do not want. This pressure can be exerted by threats, physical violence or intimidation. Recognising when this may be happening is key to protecting those affected.

This course has been designed to develop your understanding of the signs and issues relating to Forced Marriage.

At the end of this Erudition e Learning course you should be able to:

- Describe what a Forced Marriage is

- Indentify some motives for forcing someone to marry another

- Understand the impact of Forced Marriage on victims

- Have an understanding of the concept of Honour Based Violence

- Be more aware of how to spot the signs of a Forced Marriage

- Know how to take action to try and safeguard a potential victim of Forced Marriage

A CPD certificate is available to download on completion of the course.

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