Infection Control In Care - Advanced e Learning Course REDUCED BY 30%!

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Infection control in care surroundings is essential to keep both staff and clients safe by preventing or stopping the spread of infection. Perhaps brought more into focus because of the Corona virus pandemic this Erudition advanced e Learning course will equip learners with the required knowledge and skills.

This will course will explain how to:

- Identify legislation, national and local guidelines, policy and procedures affect infection prevention and control

- Understand standard infection prevention and control precautions

- Demonstrate the methods of aseptic technique including hand washing and alcohol hand gel procedures

- Describe the importance of safe handling of disposal of waste, COSHH requirements, handling of uniforms, dress codes, linen and laundry

- Identify actions required in cases of outbreak of infection including isolation of residence and mandatory reporting of healthcare associated infections to Health Protection Agency (HPA)

- Describe how policies are put into place for safe handling and disposal of sharps, sharps injury procedures and occupational health procedures

- Manage infection prevention risks, through observation, cleaning procedures and touch-point awareness

- Demonstrate awareness of control of outbreaks & infections associated with specific alerts such as tuberculosis, e-coli, flu pandemics etc

- Linked to Health and Social Care Act 2008 and fundamental standards 12

A CPD certificate is available to download on completion of the course.

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