Equality & Diversity in Care

Health Academy
Delivery Method: eLearning

Our Equality & Diversity in Care Training Course works alongside Standard 4 of the Care Certificate and promotes equality and respect for diversity by offering care workers knowledge and advice on understanding individuals needs with confidence.

CPD Hours - 0.5 hours


  • Understand what prohibited behaviour is that it is unacceptable AND against the law
  • Understand how people can be at a disadvantage of not receiving equally level care due to their background and culture
  • Understand and show commitment to The Equality Act 2010


This training course is broken down into 2 sections

  1. Equality, diversity, inclusion and discrimination
  2. Equality and Diversity in Care
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Marjorie Ilechie (March 2021)
The equality and diversity training course is very interesting and informative . I have learned to always act in the best interests of individuals, to show respect and compassion to the people we care for.
Kathy Brown (February 2021)
A very clear and informative course , i like how you can keep going back into the recording, it helps you take it all in easier
Marta Fulop (March 2021)
It was straight forward clear on expectations and well explained training. I enjoyed and definitely learnt a lot from it.
Stephen Gill (February 2021)
Informative and refreshed my previous training

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