Stroke Awareness Course.

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Delivery Method: eLearning

Duration: 1 Hour

The course starts by explaining what a stroke is and how you can identify one. You will learn what the stroke risk factors are and how can you prevent them, for yourself and for the people you care for.

You’ll also learn about the effects of strokes (physical, mental and emotional), how to minimise their impact and what resources are available to stroke survivors and carers for after-stroke care.

You will automatically get a course certificate on course completion, with your name, the CPD hours earned, the date and all the learning objectives discussed.


Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a complete working knowledge of:

  • What a stroke is
  • How to identify and respond to a stroke
  • What a transient ischaemic attack is
  • The risk factors for a stroke and how to prevent them
  • The importance of specialist stroke care
  • The common effects of a stroke — physical, mental, and emotional
  • The ways that carers can minimise the potential dangers to a stroke survivor resulting from these effects
  • The specific medical professionals who can help with these issues
  • The resources available for stroke survivors and their carers


  • Stroke Identification and Prevention
  • Recovery and Care
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