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Delivery Method: Blended

A CHAP has undertaken a period of study raise their skills and knowledge in health and social care, usually this is done over 12 study days. Most commonly their duties include: measuring and recording of vital signs; simple wound care and dressing; administration of simple medication; and, overseeing the care team. 

Although there is not currently a nationally recognised course, most CHAP programmes are set at Level 3. We base ours around the Level 3 Healthcare Support Worker qualification, as this allows students who wish to, to use their CHAP training towards their NVQ.

In Nursing Homes the CHAPs work alongside Nurses supporting and assisting with the day-to-day running of the home. With CHAPs by their side supporting them, Nurses are able to focus more time on the clinical decisions that need to be made and undertake the complex duties that they are trained to do.

The CHAPs are resident-focused and are advocates for person-centred care. They are able to spend time with the residents individually and to get to know them personally, building relationships with them and their families, and enhancing communication and satisfaction.

The CHAP training is a good step to demonstrate skills and ability. We have had 3 CHAPs who we have trained been accepted onto their Assistant Practitioner training at University and two who have been accepted onto their BSc to become Registered Nurses.

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