Understanding the EQA of Assessment Processes & Practice

Delivery Method: eLearning

This course is designed to extend your knowledge of the quality assurance process. As you will most likely already be in a position where you are working as an IQA, you will have some understanding of what is involved in an EQA visit.

This course provides you with the first unit of the qualification and you will be able to complete the second unit with an awarding body of your choice. You must be practising as an EQA to gain the full qualification but this unit facilitates your application for the position.

Course Structure

There is one unit, with 6 tasks that are related to the 6 learning outcomes:

Outcome 1 Understand the context and principles of external quality assurance

This includes analysing the concepts and principles of external quality assurance, evaluating the role of the practitioners involved in the quality assurance process, and understanding the regulations and requirements within own area of practice.

Outcome 2 Understand how to plan the external quality assurance of assessment

This includes evaluating the importance of planning and preparing external quality assurance activities, understanding the external quality assurance plan and the preparations required for external quality assurance activities, and how to meet customer needs without compromising quality standards.

Outcome 3 Understand how to externally evaluate the quality of assessment and internal quality assurance

This includes explaining the procedures for externally monitoring and evaluating internal quality assurance arrangements and practices, interpreting requirements, and evaluating different techniques for externally sampling evidence of assessment.

Outcome 4 Understand how to externally maintain and improve the quality of assessment

This includes comparing the types of feedback, support and advice that internal assessment and quality assurance staff may need to maintain and improve the quality of assessment, evaluating standardisation requirements, explaining the importance of providing feedback, support and advice to internal verifiers, and explaining the procedures to follow in cases of disputes concerning quality assurance.

Outcome 5 Understand how to manage information relevant to external quality assurance

This includes evaluating the requirements for information management, data protection and confidentiality in relation to external quality assurance.

Outcome 6 Understand the legal and good practice requirements relating to external quality assurance

This includes evaluating legal issues, policies and procedures, including those for health, safety and welfare, critically comparing different ways in which technology can contribute to EQA, evaluating requirements for equality and diversity, and explaining the value of reflective practice and personal development in relation to EQA.

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