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Clinical Observation Training | Patient Observation

Comprehensive clinical observation training

Patient observation is an everyday task for healthcare workers, and our clinical observation training course will ensure that your staff have the skills and knowledge required to make accurate inspections of individuals in their care, and subsequently document and report their findings.

What does our clinical observation training course cover?

Taking accurate assessments of patients’ vital signs, monitoring any changes, taking samples and meeting health and safety compliance requirements are essential proficiencies for any healthcare worker. Our course provides all of the relevant training to cover every element of key clinical observations and related topics, such as:

  • What is an observation and why are they important?
  • Clinical observations: pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, oxygen saturations, blood glucose, neurological
  • Urinalysis and obtaining samples - catheter, continent and incontinent person
  • Infection control including hand washing technique
  • Normal parameters for patients and the management of unstable results
  • Consent and confidentiality
  • Record keeping and reporting


Approximately 3-4 hours

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