Dyphagia and Safer Eating and Drinking e-Learning

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Dysphagia and Safer Eating and Drinking training course

Our dysphagia e-Learning course ensures that carers and healthcare workers are able to identify the signs of the condition, carry out accurate risk assessments and appropriately manage the individual. Dysphagia can affect a range of different patients and service-users, who may have trouble swallowing foods or liquids for a number of different reasons, such as:

  • A stroke
  • Head injury
  • Dementia
  • Learning or physical disabilities
  • Mouth or oesophageal cancer

The proper care of this condition is essential in order to minimise the risk of further complications, such as weight loss and chest infections (pulmonary aspiration).

Dysphagia training for carers - what’s covered on the course?

From awareness to causes, high risk groups to possible complications, our dysphagia training course examines the assessments and risks management strategies for supporting service users with swallowing difficulties. The course also explores the importance of multidisciplinary involvement in the assessment and planning of care interventions in these circumstances. The syllabus includes:

  • What is dysphagia
  • The causes of dysphagia
  • Signs, symptoms and complications
  • Risk assessments
  • The normal and abnormal swallow reflex
  • Management
  • The importance of multi-disciplinary working
  • Summary and evaluation


Approximately 2-3 hours

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