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Phlebotomy Training Course | Venepuncture Training

Venepuncture training and phlebotomy training course

Venepuncture and phlebotomy go hand-in hand, so our courses cover both the puncturing of a vein (venepuncture) and the process of drawing blood from the venepuncture site (phlebotomy). Professional training is essential for healthcare staff who are required to take blood samples from patients and service-users in order to diagnose or monitor medical conditions. Our course is aimed at healthcare professionals who wish to learn venepuncture and phlebotomy as a new skill, or for staff who have previously trained but require a refresher course to update their knowledge in line with the latest best practice guidelines.

What’s covered on our phlebotomy and venepuncture training course?

As an invasive procedure, healthcare staff must be able to conduct their sample taking with accuracy, skill and confidence. The training course syllabus covers:

  • Venepuncture and phlebotomy - overview and understanding
  • Service-user identification
  • Service-user consent
  • Universal precautions
  • Site selection
  • Tourniquet procedure
  • Post venepuncture and phlebotomy care
  • Potential problems and their solutions
  • Labelling


Approximately 3 hours

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