BA (Hons) & Master’s Degree Programmes In Education Or Early Years (Fully Funded)

APeducation Online
Delivery Method: Blended

APeducation Online has collaborated with our partner institutions and are excited to offer fully funded 3-year BA (Hons) top-up degrees in Education and Early Years to qualifying candidates and fully funded 3-year Master’s Degree in Education.

All courses are part of an international exchange placement in a Chinese school/education setting.  

Free accommodation is also included and a living allowance will be provided while on your teaching placement in China. 

Courses we offer:

  • BA (Hons) Degree Joint Programme – Early years Pathway
    - Year 1 (China) – Level 5 Diploma in Early Years
    - Year 2 (China) – BA (Hons) in Early Years
    - Year 3 (UK) – BA (Hons) in Education

  • BA (Hons) Degree Joint Programme – Education Pathway
    - Year 1 (China) – Level 5 Diploma in Education & Training
    - Year 2 (China) – BA (Hons) in Eduction
    - Year 3 (UK) – BA (Hons) in Education
  • UK Master’s Degree Programme in Education
    - Year 1 (China) – BA (Hons) in Education Studies
    - Year 2 (China) – BA (Hons) in Education Studies
    - Year 3 (UK) – UK Masters Course

You must be a British English language speaker to qualify for this programme.

Our diploma qualifications completed through online training are recognised on the UK and European Qualifications Frameworks and degrees obtained in China are recognised by UK universities.

By receiving one or more of these qualifications you will (but not limited to):

  • Understanding skills to manage others to support children’s care routines
  • Understanding and skills required to lead practice in support of children’s well-being and resilience
  • Assess the learner’s knowledge, understanding and skills required to lead the promotion of positive behaviour through role modelling and application of child development knowledge and understanding
  • Learn advanced models in child development and childcare
  • Increase your understanding of policy development while undertaking appropriate practices working with children
  • Develop your leadership knowledge and skills to assess the quality of Early Years practice
  • Allow you to engage with current issues and debates relevant to childhood studies
  • Provide you with knowledge and practical experiences that are different from your own culture by undertaking a teaching placement in a range of Chinese school setting

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