TEFL “Teach English as a Foreign Language (Worldwide)

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Delivery Method: eLearning

Overview and Recognition

SeriousTEFL courses are the most technologically advanced online programs in the industry and we were the first to offer the courses exclusively online. Designed and implemented by experienced teachers whom have traveled and taught in various countries, subjects and levels. Our programs' practical applications aim directly at the core of what is needed for you to become an effective ESL teacher. This is accomplished by offering the initial know-how and confidence which is imperative for teaching your very first class and continuously building from this platform throughout your teaching career. Our modules and syllabus have been intensely scrutinized and applied to ensure maximum coverage of all topics, techniques and strategies. Each module covers all relatable material as well as instruct the student of the necessary tools in order to teach effectively. Graduates that complete our course refer back to the lessons and tips consistently when adding to their abilities and the overall classroom dynamic. Our courses are accepted and endorsed by over 7,000 partner schools and educational establishments worldwide via the International Alliance of Teachers and Employers delegation.

Fundamental Modules

  1. 1. Teaching Grammar
  2. 2. Techniques for Teaching Comprehension
  3. 3. Techniques for Teaching Pronunciation &; Vocabulary
  4. 4. Initial Exam
  5. 5. Techniques for Expressing Ideas to English from any language
  6. 6. Techniques for Teaching Idioms
  7. 7. Teaching Techniques for Writing
  8. 8. How to find & teach your own students(private accounts)
  9. 9. Classroom Preparation & Teaching Tip 
  10. 11. Teaching Business English
  11. 12. Teaching Children
  12. 13. Phonetics
  13. 14. Curriculum Development
  14. 15. Student Assessment
  15. 16. Teaching Abroad

How long are these courses?
Our Diploma program is 120 hours.

Do you assist with Job Placement after graduation?
Yes. Simultaneously, with your SeriousTEFL registration you have the option of submitting your profile/resume to SeriousTeachers website in which, you can start applying for all available jobs as well as all employers will examine your resume. We are the most efficient and popular job site in the market. Our unique state-of-the-art website enables employers to find the teachers they are looking for and teachers to find the jobs they desire. By completing our Diploma course, this increases your potential and expands your credentials. Employers on our site are alerted of your SeriousTEFL Certification on your individual profile.

How would I receive a Soft Copy & Hard Copy of my degree?
Soft Copy: Upon graduation, you must inform us via email requesting a Soft Copy of your degree(Electronic version). A Soft Copy is acceptable worldwide by 99% of institutions.
Hard Copy: This a an added and complementary service. We will issue a Hard Copy of your degree(free of charge) and mail it via an Airmail International Postal Service to the provided address on file. In order to maintain this course affordable, the above service does not offer a tracking number. You must allow up to 30 days for its delivery. For countries with an unreliable postal service, students must arrange their own courier service at their own expense.

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