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It is estimated that up to 70% of people living with epilepsy could live seizure-free if properly diagnosed and treated. (Source: WHO)

It is vital that all healthcare professionals have up to date, essential knowledge surrounding Epilepsy and seizures, in order to continue providing the highest level of care to service users and their families.

This Epilepsy Awareness Course will refresh your current knowledge as well as keeping you up to date with latest treatments, advances, and guidelines surrounding Epilepsy and seizures.

Who is this course for?

This course is primarily aimed at healthcare professionals, however anyone who would like to expand their knowledge or understand what to do if they see someone have a seizure should take this course.

Learning outcomes:

  • What Epilepsy is
  • What causes Epilepsy
  • What Seizures are and the Types
  • Why Seizures happen
  • Understand the warning signs
  • How Epilepsy can be diagnosed
  • Awareness of the treatment options available
  • Awareness of signs and symptoms of seizure
  • Awareness of complications
  • Awareness of First Aid Treatment for seizures
  • What would be a Medical Emergency
  • How it affects people living with Epilepsy


  • Epilepsy and seizure facts
  • Causes of Epilepsy
  • Types of seizure
  • Diagnostic Investigations available
  • Treatments available
  • Signs and symptoms of seizures
  • Emergency and first aid treatment
  • The effects on people living with Epilepsy and seizures

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