Phlebotomy Refresher (1/2 day course)

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This is virtual 1/2 day phlebotomy refresher course is the perfect reminder of all the essential theory, skills, and regulatory requirements for taking blood. You will be updated on the background and rationale for blood taking practice and an exploration of the equipment and processes to bring you up to speed with the skill.

So who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for anyone wishing to refresh their phlebotomy skills, including those who have not practice their skills for some time or may be changing their role in healthcare organisations.

So what’s included in this virtual 1/2 day phlebotomy refresher course?

Firstly, this is an interactive, engaging, and comprehensive virtual 1/2 day course. We have therefore included all of the core skills and topics required for the delegates to confidently re-commence blood taking. There will be practical demonstrations throughout the course and it is optional for you to acquire phlebotomy training equipment so that you can practice techniques during and after the course. You will not be practically assessed as part of the course.

Course content 

  • Anatomy of the arm and finding veins
  • Safety and infection control
  • Demonstration of correct technique, choice of equipment and procedure
  • Dealing with phlebotomy complications
  • Legal and professional responsibilities

So what’s NOT included in this phlebotomy training course?

You will observe practical demonstrations throughout the day. You will not, however, be practically assessed as part of the course.

The course doesn’t cover cannulation. This requires an additional course.

Whilst the course covers blood taking techniques for children, it does not cover techniques such as scalp and heel prick samples which are specialist skills requiring additional training.

Arterial blood gas technique and analysis are not covered on this course

Venous blood gases can be obtained from the principles learned on this course.  However, using blood gas machines and blood gas analysis are not covered on the course.

Are there any other considerations with this training?

Please also note that the guidelines recommend a period of supervised practice in addition to comprehensive foundation training for new practitioners.

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9th Nov 2021 (09:30)
Virtual, IV10 8AD
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