Providers: How to Enhance Your Profile

How to improve your listings

The Skills Platform now takes into account the quality of a course listing, with better course listings ranking higher in search results. The systems automatically looks at various factors such as the length of text and use of imagery. For further details, check our detailed post here. Here are some top tips on how to improve your listing.

First - Let's Log In

Step 1 - We now have a single login system. Login by clicking the login button on the top right.

Step 2 - Once logged in, hover over your email address in the top right and your personal and organisation details will appear. Your personal details are there if you wish to make any orders yourself. Click on your organisation name to check your organisation's settings and change course descriptions etc.

Step 3 - Your dashboard will look a little something like this:

Now you're logged in, let's make some changes...

Step 4 - To edit your course, click on courses on the left hand side then click 'edit'

Longer Course Descriptions

It is important to list as much detail as possible in order to provide the buyer with enough information to feel confident enough to make the booking. Examples include
  • A minimum of 250 words
  • What will learners get out of doing the course
  • Describe the assessment process
  • Describe your accreditations and endorsements
  • What is the duration of the course
  • What have previous learners said about the course

Here's a good example of a course listing from M&K Update.

You are of course free to copy and paste from existing course content elsewhere, such as on your website. If you're posting multiple courses, this might be the most realistic option to getting your listing up. However, if you can take the time to write something unique on the platform, our system recognises this and will push you up the rankings slightly.

Set up Booking Options and Prices

The Skills Platform is designed to allow buyers to book courses online as well as search and find your listing. Even if most of your courses are bespoke, it's a good idea to add a guideline price as courses with prices get more clicks in the listings

Hurrah! Add a Backlink to your Own Website.

A shiny new function of The Skills Platform is to link to your own website from your provider page.This will allow buyers to visit your website to peruse your offerings in more detail. We would also encourage you to add a link to The Skills Platform from your website, building on search engine success in the short and long term.

List your Accreditations

Your accreditations and endorsements are of paramount importance. It is essential that all of them are listed on all of your course pages and your provider page. We have provided you with a set of images to ease this process, allowing you to update your accreditations without uploading the watermark.

Lengthen your Provider Page

Telling buyers about ‘you’ is imperative. Buyers will make emotive decisions about who to trust and which providers could add value to them and their organisation, therefore spending time on your profile is essential to Platform success. Examples include:

  • A minimum of 150 words on your company and it's history
  • A little bit about the team or about you specifically
  • Your accreditations
  • Your locations
  • Your terms and conditions

If you want personal assistance in enhancing your listing, just get in touch!