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Blended Distance Consultancy Work Experience Resources
Personal Effectiveness In Healthcare
Personal Effectiveness In Healthcare West Yorkshire Excellence Centre
‚ÄčThis one day course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their effectiveness with other people. The course is aimed at developing assertiveness skills and confidence in overall communication skills.
Resilience (LTHT)
Resilience (LTHT) West Yorkshire Excellence Centre
‚ÄčThis 1.5 hours learning burst is suitable for all Managers who wish to understand more about building team resilience. These sessions will be for Team/Leaders/Supervisors/Managers and will help to increase awareness and understanding of how to develop and build a resilient team.
Professional Development Suite for General Practice
Professional Development Suite for General Practice Ararna
Ararna e-learning for General Practice - Professional Development Suite Ararna's professional development suite addresses key business skills to help improve the working life of practice staff, enhance the patient experience & optimise productivity, communication & professional skill sets of staff.