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Community Nursing Training

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Immunisation & Vaccination
Immunisation & Vaccination Skills for Health
Learn about the practical and legal implications of immunisations and vaccinations, as well as best practice information. Updated December 2016.
RCNi Learning Courses
RCNi Learning Courses RCNi Learning
RCNi Learning is designed to help nurses meet continuing professional development requirements and to help students bridge the gap between theory and practice. Featuring 135 interactive learning modules on a wide variety of specialities. To discover more about our courses, click View Course.
Accident and Emergency Care (Adult) Workshop
Accident and Emergency Care (Adult) Workshop Global Health Professionals Ltd (GHPL)
The Accident and Emergency Workshop is designed to provide learners with the underpinning concepts to explore the care given in an emergency care setting to patients and in order to develop participant’s knowledge and skills in the accident and emergency care.
Cytology - Cervical Sample Takers: Update Course
Cytology - Cervical Sample Takers: Update Course Birmingham Cytology Training Centre
This is a half-day update training course for experienced cervical liquid-based cytology sample takers (smear takers). The update includes sessions to discuss current changes in the NHSCSP and introduction of new policies with interactive quizzes and case studies.
Women’s Health Study Day
Women’s Health Study Day Primary Care Training Centre
Referrals to gynaecology are one of the highest of any specialty. With better access to self-help, patient information, diagnostics and medical treatments many of these can be managed in primary care. This training day will use case based discussion to apply latest evidence aiming to improve the aw
Cardiovascular Disease Management in Primary Care
Cardiovascular Disease Management in Primary Care Primary Care Training Centre
This six month multi-professional cardiovascular disease (CVD) course is aimed at health care professionals (doctors, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists and pharmacists) who have a role in the delivery and management of care for patients and their families experiencing and at risk of CVD.
Women’s Health in Primary Care
Women’s Health in Primary Care Primary Care Training Centre
The module focuses on the management of sexual health, contraception, breast and cervical screening, continence and menopause and the services available to support this.
Wound Management for Nurses
Wound Management for Nurses Primary Care Training Centre
The course will teach current best practice in wound management. An overview of wounds and wound assessment will include traumatic wounds, skin tears and surgical wounds, together with cleansing and swabbing techniques.
Travel Health Training for Beginners
Travel Health Training for Beginners Primary Care Training Centre
The course aims to equip health care professionals with the skills required to provide individualised pre-travel consultations at a basic competence level. This will be measured against the RCN competencies framework for travel health medicine.
Dementia Primary Care Training Centre
An interactive and informal study day designed for non-specialist members of the primary care or community team who care for people at risk of or diagnosed with dementia and their families.
Insulin Conversion
Insulin Conversion Primary Care Training Centre
More people with Type 2 Diabetes are now requiring insulin therapy. This conversion is increasingly being made in Primary Care. This sixteen week module aims to develop the knowledge and understanding of the health care practitioner to initiate insulin therapy in such individuals.
Leg Ulcer Assessment & Management
Leg Ulcer Assessment & Management Primary Care Training Centre
This two day leg ulcer course will offer knowledge and skills on lower limb assessment and management. The impact of leg ulceration will be discussed, including the theory and practice of compression bandaging and Doppler assessment.
Sexual Health & Contraception – Advanced
Sexual Health & Contraception – Advanced Primary Care Training Centre
This day aims to provide an update for those providing contraception and sexual health care in primary care or other settings, using challenging cases and up to date evidence to improve the care offered for patients presenting with contraception, sexual health and unplanned pregnancy advice.
6-8 Week Baby Check Session
6-8 Week Baby Check Session Primary Care Training Centre
This interactive session is for health care professionals who are already involved or wishing to start carrying out the 6-8 week baby check. The session will cover the importance of the 6-8 week baby check and focuses on the four key screening areas; eyes, heart, hips and testes.