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Immunisation & Vaccination
Immunisation & Vaccination Skills for Health
Learn about the practical and legal implications of immunisations and vaccinations, as well as best practice information. Updated December 2016.
Clinical/Care Core Skills eLearning Bundle
Clinical/Care Core Skills eLearning Bundle Skills for Health
The Clinical/Care Core Skills Training Framework eLearning bundle allows employers to recognise training to a standard and reduce duplication of training. This eLearning Bundle is delivered by Skills for Health, the developers of the Core Skills Training Framework & Care Certificate.47
RCNi Learning Courses
RCNi Learning Courses RCNi Learning
RCNi Learning is designed to help nurses meet continuing professional development requirements and to help students bridge the gap between theory and practice. Featuring 135 interactive learning modules on a wide variety of specialities. To discover more about our courses, click View Course.
Cervical Screening and Cytology
Cervical Screening and Cytology Guardian Angels
This 3 hour training session is designed for qualified cervical / cytology sample screening takers to update their knowledge in line with the NHS Cervical Screening Programme (NHSCSP) National guidelines.
Ear Irrigation
Ear Irrigation Guardian Angels
​This ear irrigation course supports healthcare assistants and Registered Nurses to provide basic ear care, including irrigation, safely and effectively. Delegates on this course are required to receive supervision from an appropriate mentor to support their learning and practical application in the
Immunisation and Vaccines
Immunisation and Vaccines Guardian Angels
All of our range of Immunisation and Vaccination training courses are delivered in accordance with national standards and guidelines including: Public Health England National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation training 2005/2015), Department of Health’s Immunisation against infe
Venepuncture / Phlebotomy
Venepuncture / Phlebotomy Guardian Angels
For employees working in health and social care environments who may be required to collect blood samples, our Venepuncture / Phlebotomy Training Course is a genuine essential. Based around a series of practical exercises and the latest theoretical teachings, delegates are able to practice and hone
Dysphagia and Swallow Assessments
Dysphagia and Swallow Assessments Guardian Angels
This training course will develop delegates’ awareness of dysphagia, its causes and the potential complications to the service user, along with groups of people who are at higher risk. The assessment and risk management strategies of caring and supporting service users with swallowing difficulties w
Wound Care and Tissue Viability
Wound Care and Tissue Viability Guardian Angels
This Guardian Angels Training course in Wound Care has been built around the day to day duties of health and social care workers who may come into contact with any number of minor to moderate wounds during their normal working practices. Ideally suited to those with at least a basic level of knowled
Diabetes Injection Technique and Safety
Diabetes Injection Technique and Safety Education for Health
This online learning programme aims to support healthcare professionals in their management and care of people with diabetes who use injectable therapies
Introduction to COPD
Introduction to COPD Education for Health
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a major public health problem. This free resource aims to increase nurses’ confidence and competence and enhance their understanding of this complex disease.